Austin Mann’s iPhone 6s Camera Reviews.

This is worth a look if you’re at all interested in how the iPhone 6s cameras compare vs the iPhone 6 cameras. Are their really improvements?

We’ve shot a lot on the 6s. In fact, we’ve already shot 2121 photos + 55 panoramas + 237 time-lapses + 1310 videos (including Live Photos)!

All along the way we’ve been carefully comparing the results to the iPhone 6.

Ars Technica Reviews Android Marshmallow 6.0

Ars Technica has one of the most thorough reviews on Android’s operating system spanning over 12 pages:

Marshmallow makes many long-requested features a reality with selectable app permissions, a data backup system that actually works, and the ability to format SD cards as Ext4, allowing the system to treat cards just like internal storage. Marshmallow is also prepared for the future with support for USB Type-C’s power delivery spec, a Fingerprint authentication API, and 4K display support. And, as with any Android release, there’s also lots of new Googley stuff—a slick new search interface and a contextual search mode called “Google Now on Tap,” for example.

As a current Android user I’m interested to see what Marshmallow looks like in real life, but in the meantime this article is a great way to explore Google’s new software

Chromecast Audio Review

Dan Moren at Six Colors reviews the new Google Chromecast Audio:

The Chromecast Audio is an interesting product, but after I spent about an hour or so playing around with it, I realized that I don’t really have much of a need for it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, necessarily, just that my setup doesn’t really lend itself to this device.

I have been interested in this device to replace my bluetooth wireles transmitter device and this is one of the first reviews I have seen.

The Search for the Fastest Content Blocker for iOS

Ben Brooks at Brooks Review has researched most, if not all of the content blockers available for iOS and has come up with a four part review of all the most popular content blockers available and what are the fastest:

Which content blocker for iOS 9 is the best? I have no clue, but I did test a bunch to find out which one is the fastest.

If you want to speed up your browsing experience and stop getting tracked by websites then you need a good content blocker and Ben’s results can help you find the right one.

Pixlr is a Free Image Editor in Your Browser

Sick of paying for Photoshop just to tweak a few photos here and there?  Pixlr Editor is  a free image editor that  I think is the best of the bunch. It’s got all the stuff I need like curves, levels, layers and more. As I rely on using my mobile devices for editing photos more and more, this image editing program is great for the few times you need bit more.

The Best Wikipedia App for iPhone

The Sweet Setup reviews the best wikipedia app for the iPhone from a list of  4 other contenders:

Wikipedia is thoroughly useable in a mobile browser. It’s quite easy to search, browse, and read this massive repository of information with mobile Safari or what-have-you. The use case for a dedicated app is in the fact that Wikipedia isn’t meant for casual reading. It’s a reference tool. To get the most out of it, you must look beyond a web browser.