64GB Memory Upgrade Kits for Late 2015 27 inch Apple iMac

Yes, there is such a thing.

But unless you really need to have more than the recommended amount by Apple, I don’t recommend it. Apple states that only 32GB is the maximum ram you can install in the new late 2015 iMacs,

But , as usual some other vendors beg to differ with this ‘official’ amount and sell more than the recommended maximum. Some times it’s because that at the time of release the Apple stated maximum amount was that amount but now there’s bigger memory modules available.

Other times, the memory vendors just tested bigger chips to see just how much ram you can actually install in an Apple computer and this is the case here. OWC is the first to sell 64GB ram kits for the 27 inch retina iMacs.

The problem – and this applies especially when the computer takes a newer and faster speed of memory than previous models is that big memory upgrade are expensive.

How expensive? If you take a look at the memory price chart I have linked to at the top of the article you will see that you can fill your iMac with 32GB of RAM for under $300.00.

But, if you want to double that amount and go whole hog at 64GB then (at the time I write this), the price jumps to over $1000. That’s close to a 4x price increase for a 2x ram upgrade.

Consider also that you can buy a new 27inch iMac for $1799, and yet the ram upgrade is $1299.00, this seems a little silly to put so much money into a computer that’s not worth much more than the ram upgrade designed for it.

Now, over time the big 64GB prices will fall. When other iMacs were released with new memory requirements, the maximum amounts were priced out of this world like the 64GB are now. But they dropped in price and now a ram upgrade that used to cost over $1000 can now be had for about $100 so if you can wait, you can save a lot of money on ram upgrades for the bigger chips for any Apple Computer.

If you can wait, I would skip the 64GB, and max out the iMac at 32GB and pocket the $1000 or so difference in price.

Have an older Mac? Microsoft will give you up to $300 for it

Microsoft is offering a trade in program where you can get up to $200.00 for your older PC or $300 for your Mac:

For your Trade-in to qualify for the promotion it must be a working, complete and undamaged Laptop or Macbook up to six years old. Laptops and Macbooks must have a minimum 11.3” display. Your Trade-in must be complete with a working battery and power supply. Please do not return monitors, keyboards or mice.

One interesting thing I noted that was according the photos you can even send them a Mac with missing keys.

I’m not sure why you would ever want to do this and switching from a Mac to Windows seems like a bad idea all around and considering the price you can get for a Mac that’s just six years old you’re probably better off selling the Mac on your own and using the funds for your new Windows Machine.

What About the Mac Pro?

William Gallagher (with Mike Wuerthele) ] posted an article at MacNN on what Apple might plan to do with the Mac Pro:

You look at the profile of the Mac Pro longingly, and you have to wonder whether it’s been forgotten.

Of course, we thought that back in the beginning of 2013 when this new, cylindrical, tiny Mac Pro was announced. People had given up on ever seeing an update for the aluminum slab-side Mac Pro, they’d given up on Apple, and they felt that Apple had given up on its creative professional users, who were the company’s core audience for many years previously.

I don’t think that Apple has forgotten about the Mac Pro, but it’s now a very specialized item that’s aimed at a specific group of users. Also now that the iMacs can be almost and if not as fast as the Mac Pros, I know that if I was in the Market for a new desktop and the speeds are about the same, I would want to buy the iMac because it includes a 5k display where the Mac Pro doesn’t. I think that feature alone would want me to chose the iMac.

The Mac Pro has never seen as regular updates as the other consumer based models and considering a 2013 Mac Pro is still holding it’s own over newer Macs, I don’t see the need for Apple to upgrade this model for some time yet.

27 inch Apple iMac (Late 2015) DDR3 1866MHz Memory Upgrade Prices

Now that the ram prices are starting to come online for the new 27 inch Apple iMacs (Late 2015), I’ve started to track the prices, and unless you’re willing to cough up over $1000 for the 64GB upgrade option (double the recommended by Apple) most other sizes are perfectly affordable.

Perhaps not as cheap as the DDR3 1600MHz ram prices you see above but considering this is newer and faster ram for the faster iMacs with retina displays you can still max out these iMac models with 32GB of RAM for under $300.00

So far, I’ve found some pricing from Data Memory Systems and OWC and Amazon but more vendors will show up next week or so and I will continue to built out the price list as the ram upgrades become available.

Also, remember you can only upgrade the ram on the Late 2015 27 inch iMacs . If you’re looking for ram upgrades for the 21.5 inch retina display iMac, you’re out of luck.