April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 at 1:41 pm

I have long been curating ram prices online and now it’s time for a new approach. I have tried different approaches as the demand for ram prices have declined now that Apple and a lot of other manufacturers don’t allow for ram upgrades to be done by the end user but nothing has really resonated with me to date.

I had thought about just writing articles about Apple and the like, but I am no news site nor do I have the time or interest to grab all the news. Also, my interests are widespread and not just Apple. I am interested in books, photography and other subjects just like you are, and over the course of the day I tend to visit these sites related to these topics and some times they have good stuff that at very least is worth a look and this is where I plan to do this from now on, and link out as much as I can

If you’re interested in just Apple news curated there a a lot of sites that do it better than I ever could like Macintouch, Macsurfer for news and MacPrices and DealMac for deals on Apple stuff and more but I need to have a place to share the stuff I find online in addition to just tracking ram prices and I figure that April Fool’s day is the perfect time to start such an adventure.

From time to time I may write an article or two when I have a thought or idea that I want to expand on further, but I will stick to what I do best – and that’s curate the stuff that interests me – just like ram and memory prices did so many years ago when I first started this site. And speaking of ram prices, I will still track them and you can find the perfect ram for your Mac from the menus on the top of the page just like always. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the ram on a ten year old iBook or the latest iMac (one of the few Apple computers you can still add ram upgrades to) there will still be a memory upgrade price chart for you to check. RAM price updates are not going anywhere.


Amazon has the best April Fool’s Jokes. Go see it before it’s gone.

TekRevue How to View the Complete App Installation History in Mac OS X

MacStories Todoist 10 Brings Intelligent Input, Themes, and New Gestures

eBay Samsung Galaxy S4 for Verizon for $234.99

Performa 5200 Low End Mac’s Mac of the Day

Liliputing Google now lets developers bring any Android app to Chrome OS

Barefeats SHOOTOUT: Fastest 2015 rMBP 13in versus Fastest 2013 rMBP 15in

Ken RockWell Ultra-Ultrawide Lenses Compared

Ricardo Mori on the Apple Watch:

There are people who are already intrigued by it and want one. There are people who are already asking “Why should I buy it? What problems does it solve?”, and moderate people with a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

I think I am in the ‘wait and see’ category

Ten Four Fox looks to be a great browser if you have an older Mac.

MacNN Griffin Twenty Review

Mac Mini Colo reveals the best SSD drives for the Mac Mini. Instead of relying on questionable review sites, this opinion is based on hundreds of SSD installs into the Mac Minis they host

Macintouch also has a pretty good April fool’s joke – I actually think with a few tweaks he should keep it this way all year. (update – the site is back to normal but you can see the joke here

Sony NEX 7 just $498.00 on sale. That’s a $750 discount

WD 4TB External Drive  Save $25.00 off

WD 1TB Elements Portable Hard Drive for $54.99. One of the cheapest external hard drives on sale.

Refurbished MacBook Air 13.3 inch $889.00 direct from Apple –  a $260 discount

Noodle Mac A Free Mac Audio Recorder, Editor, And Mixer That Does Not Compete With Garageband

Amazon Dash Too Lazy to grab your phone or computer to place an Amazon order? Now there’s a real life buy now button.

Mac 360 How the Mac Arq Backs Up Files

Low End Mac Best Mac Pro Prices

Apple Sliced is a website that monitors prices and price drops on Apple Apps. It looks like quite the job to keep up on all the pricing drops and there seems to be a lot of stuff to wade through but if you’re looking for a deal on an app, this  might be worth a look. They  also track memory prices too. I thought I was the only one left that was still doing this.

ComputerWorld reviews the 13inch MacBook Pro with the force trackpad

$149.00 Laptop It probably doesn’t get any cheaper than this when it comes to buying a notebook computer.

Free Keyword Tool If you need a tool to help you with your blogging and SEO skills, this free term is worth a look. As an example. look at all the terms relevant to apple memory

System Folder is a website by Ricardo Mori that I like to drop in on from time to time because it’s a great way to revisit your youth if you were an Apple Fan back in the late ’80’s and early ’90s. One recent article was about trying to get internet on his color classic. It’s worth the click just to see those old screenshots of OS’s gone by.