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The Asus G750JW-DB71 is not a cheap notebook. That’s why it’s even more important to max out the memory on this high powered Asus notebook that features a Intel i7 4700HQ processor, 12GB of RAM installed, a 1TB hard drive and a 17 inch display with Windows 8 installed from the factory. To be honest, 12GB of RAM for the Asus G750JW is a pretty good amount of memory to start off with, but if you can max out the memory to the full 16GB you’re better off. 16GB ddr3 for this Asus notebook will cost you about $150.00 at current street prices. See below for the current memory prices for Asus notebooks:

ASUS G750JW-DB71 Memory Upgrades

2gb Modules
Amazon $click $click $click
Crucial $79.99 $79.99 $159.98
Data Memory Systems $92.00 $95.00 $184.00
Exit Technologies 98.00 $90.00 $196.00
MemoryX $75.98 $151.96
OEMPCWORLD $79.85 $159.70
Other World Computing $101.99 $101.99 $199.99


Hard Drive Upgrades for the ASUS G750JW-DB71

Another choice for upgrading this notebook computer from Asus would be to swap out the traditional hard drive with a faster SSD hard drive. You’ve got a very fast processor that would benefit with a SSD drive for faster startup times and read/write times too. Here’s a few suggestions:








 ASUS G750JW-DB71 Alternative Choices


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